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'Summer' is a fun new musical which sees a failed actor, Liam, find love, friendship and family, and ultimately realise there is more to life than oneself. We see life from the perspective of the unemployed actor. and in the end, it is up to the audience to decide Liam's fate. Tonight we'll be showcasing some ballads from the musical; 'Close the Door' sees Rachel, a young actress in her 20's, moving on to pastures anew but feeling the ramifications of leaving the man she loves behind. 'God Knows' shows Lucy recalling the memories that she and her dying husband share. 'The Moment' explores two brothers, estranged from one another, longing to reach out once more.


To finish off we will showcase a brand new song from my newest project. After appearing back in her life after so many years, Annabelle tells the once man of her dreams to leave. A classic style with a twist.

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